Install ring pro

I had my ring pro installed at my previous house but we have moved. My new doorbell has two sets of wires coming in to the chime, Both are sets of red, green, white wires. my doorbell did not work, so not sure where the wires are supposed to go. I tried every combination of wires and nothing will help to install the ring doorbell. I do not have two doorbells, so I know that’s not wires coming from two different buttons. I believe one set is coming from the transformer and the other set is going back out to the front button. When I touch the red and white wires to the transformer screw and the front screw of the chimes, it hums and constantly wants to ring the bell like somebody’s pressing the button, this happens when connected to a button and when it’s not connected to any button at all. The other side of wires nothing happens. I cannot for the life of me figure out which wire’s need to connect so I get power at my front door. and I’m not sure what to do with the third wire at the front door where the button goes. Can someone help me here, I have tried every combination I can think of but hopefully somebody out there knows what I’m talking about. Thanks for any help

I just had the same thing happened to me. It’s more than likely because the transformer which is connected to your doorbell system doesn’t supply the needed power. You’ll need to swap out the transformer for one that provides “16 - 24 VAC or 16 - 30 VAC.” Your transformer is probably like mine and only provides 10.

I called Ring support and they walked me through the steps which determined my above response to your issue.

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