Install no "front" or "trans" terminal for jumper

Hello, We are installing a Ring Video Doorbell Wired - 2021 release.
There is not “front” or “trans” terminal, but there is “1”, “2” and “T”. I assume jumper “1” and “T” should be jumptered.
But there is also no voltage markings. Can i just measure voltage between “1” and “T” without ringing the doorbell and that will tell me the voltage. Or is the voltage only present when i press the door bell ?

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Hi @syncpak. The 1 and 2 you see are likely referencing the front and rear doors, but you may want to consult a qualified electrician to take a look at your transformer and the wiring to ensure the Doorbell Wired gets set up properly. Especially since you cannot see what voltage the transformer is providing. You can find the installation steps for the Ring Doorbell Wired in our Help Center Article here, and some wiring diagrams here. The Doorbell Wired won’t ring your internal chime kit, but it’s still important for it to be installed correctly so it can operate safely and receive adequate power, and a qualified electrician should be able to help. :slight_smile:

Hello @Caitlyn_Ring , there is my confusion. The first link (Help Center Article) is a pretty simply tutorial with just a jumper needed between the front (1) and Transformer (T). but the second link with all the wiring diagrams mention a “Pro Power Kit”. When do you need a “Pro Power Kit”