Install New Camera

Tried to install new Stickup Camera with rotary base. Ran 25’ extension cord from outlet in attic to white Ring extension cord, ran that cord to hole thru wall above garage door. Passed Ring plug through hole, plugged into back of camera on bracket outside – Nothing. Brought camera inside and plugged back into Ring extension still connected to 25’ extension (just inside hole thru attic wall) and it worked! Took just Ring extension cord to receptacle inside garage, plugged into camera on bracket outside above garage door, it again worked. Really stumped. This is not rocket science! Gremlins? Voodoo magic???

Hi @barberrr. If possible, check to see if the way you are routing the cable is going over any other wiring, as this might be causing electrical interference. If this is the case, you may need to contact a qualified electrician. Also, check that everything remains tight and connected when routing cables.