Install help!

Trying to install, it’s been an hour. Tried to hold down button under faceplate to reset. Blue light is giving me attached light signal. I restarted WIFI too. But I don’t know what this light means to troubleshoot. Please help!

To be honest give the product back, i dont understand how many people gave it a positive feedback. they seem like a fraud company, using excuse of COVID. see all the latest post video dont work audio dont work, they try to state internet issues, no where i can reach to them, i put a router next to the door bell put in every possible areas, hard reseting it did the works FAQ says internet and signal problem. took all my other devices checked signal and wifi speed all gave me 100mbps download 32mbps upload signal strenght to full and one bar less than full, if this is not enough RING should not be selling and calling it a wifi doorbell. I have ended up purchasing some solar panel security camera yet to arrive lets see what folds up in there…

just to add this being going on for almost a full day today.

Hi @Ajc723 can you please confirm the voltage of your transformer? Also, is the device online or offline? Is this a new device that you are setting up for the first time?

@Tushar83 our phone number is at the bottom of this page as well as on our support page under ‘Get in touch’ please take a look at our reduced hours in the Response to COVID-19 article. Our phone number is 800-656-1918, if you’re in the US :slight_smile:

Gotta say, took a whole day and 12 hrs of night to find it all of sudden working in the morning without me doing anything. How it happened I don’t know I did nothing. Maybe servers issue. Sorry for my frustration at the start but there could be some improvements such as proper explanations of the light meaning and better troubleshooting…let me tell you just to test the capability I have put the door bell 16 meters away from the outdoor router and it’s working, yes I have a strong router I do get great signal strength down there, yes maybe it’s WiFi receiver could be improved but I am totally satisfied. Sorry for my frustrated comments.

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