Inside doorbell won't ring and Ring on Battery

I installed my Ring doorbell earlier this week. I checked the voltage at the old doorbell when I unhooked the wiring. It was 20Vac, and remains at that level.

The Ring doorbell won’t ring the ding-dong chime inside the house. It is an old-style electro-mechanical doorbell. Two coils and strikers for tone bars. Not digital. Not musical.

I checked the transformer in the attic and it still shows 20Vac with the Ring doorbell in place, but my Ring app says the Ring doorbell is running on battery.

With the Ring removed from the mounting plate, the inside doorbell does go ding-dong when I short across the power screws with my screwdriver. So it seems like the power from the wires isn’t getting to the unit and the button signal from the unit isn’t getting to the wiring. So as best I can tell, I have a bad baseplate. Is there a way for me to test the baseplate? Should there be a consistent voltage (either AC or DC) at the interface pads?

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I just installed my ring on 12/7 and I’ m having the exact same problem. The only difference is that my transformer is 16vac. Any help would be appreciated.


Well I don’t know how or why, but after being installed for a week (and while I was out of town) the power source on the app switched to “Hardwired” and now the doorbell works inside. Maybe Ring pushed a software update or something? I hope yours fixes itself magically like mine did.

I just installed mine and having the same issue. Mechanical doorbell doesn’t ring and health shows the device on battery. Disappointing.

I wonder if it doesn’t “look” for external power (and a doorbell system) when the internal battery is fully charged. Check again in a week and see if it switched. That is the only thing I could think of that I know would have changed in mine. The battery would have gone down.

Hi there. Just wanted to respond that I have the exact same problem. Just installed it, and confirmed I’m getting 17-18v consistently. I’m using the original Ring doorbell, and landed the wires on the two terminals on the backplate. Taking a pair of pliers, shorting the two terminals will chime the inside doorbell, but pressing the button on the Ring will not. I am also seeing that it’s staying as battery-powered, rather than hardwired.

I bought mine new, but obviously it’s old stock they were discounting. Either I need to wait a while like you did, or mine has a faulty connection between the backplate and the Ring unit when mounted.

I am having the same problem with 20 VAc at terminals. Please let me/us know if you find a solution.

I’m trying to figure out a way to test if the Ring video unit is properly contacting the plate.

I had to go into the app and set up inside chime. Then the doorbell downloaded software to make it work.