Inquiry about Ring Protect Basic

So I recently got 2 Ring cameras, the Ring Stick Up (3rd Gen) Cam and the Ring Indoor Cam), and I have a free trial of Ring Protect Plus. My subscription will be ending in 10 days and I plan on subscribing, I just have a question about the plans.

So I would like to subscribe to the Basic Protect Plan, and I have these options:

- $5 CAD/mo x2 cameras
- $50 CAD/year x2 cameras

My question is, so would I be charged only one price (e.g - $5/mo OR $50/yr) or will I get charged for each device I have? (e.g - $5/mo x 2 = $10/mo OR $50/yr x 2 = $100/yr)

Hi @ChrisMahil21. The prices for the Ring Protect Basic Plan are per device. So in your case it would be $50/camera, per year. This means it will be $100/year for both cameras. I hope this answers your question!