Initial Smoke/CO Listener Test Failing with Kidde i4618AC Smoke Detector

Hi - I am installing a Ring Smoke/CO Listener and cannot get past the initial testing step. The detector is a UL listed Kidde i4618AC wired smoke detector which is emitting 3 beeps and nothing else, voice or otherwise, so it seems to be a T3 alarm.

I cannot find a compatibility list, so I’m wondering whether any other users (or Ring employee monitoring the forum) knows whether that particular Kidde model is compatible.


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I purchased the First Alert ones (not through Ring) and on the box it said outright it was compatible with Ring.
Likely your Kiddie isn’t compatible as I see no mention of Kiddie on Ring’s site.

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Thanks. Yes, given the number of smoke detectors in the house (and that they are interconnected) I’m not about to replace all of them, but perhaps I’ll change out one or two to First Alert.

Just really odd since this Kidde detector appears to be emitting the triple/T3 alarm.

Just in case someone else comes along with the same problem, I ended up switching out the i4618AC next to the listener for a “Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Hardwired Interconnect Combination Smoke & CO Alarm with Battery Backup & Voice Alert, model KN-COSM-IBA” (that’s a mouthful!) and it works perfectly with the Listener. It even uses the same mounting ring and wire harness.

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