Infrared lighting up wall and taking focus

I mounted a Ring Spotlight Cam so that it looks down the side of house at a side yard. The problem is that the IR lights up the side of house and eaves, and takes the focus away fro the yard itself. I have tried tilting camera away, and will try some more, but it seems like there should be an in app adjustment for this. I have motion zones setup to avoid wall and I tried putting a privacy zone on the wall, but neither helped. Has anybody else had this problem? I was going to reach out to tech support to see what they say. Seems like there should be an adjustment for this.

Hi @bpbrun. The only solution here would be to adjust how the Spotlight Cam is installed so that less of the wall is in its view. With less of the wall in the Camera’s view, the IR lights will not reflect off the wall so harshly and cause this level of contrast in the video.