Infrared light issue on door bell pro

One of my door bell has this odd issue. The infrared light would just flashing (turning on and off constantly in day light). I would be back to normal in few hours the last time time is happening(maybe is was getting dark). This is not the only door bell camera I had. Not the only ring product I had. In short not an installation issue. It was work fine for months, but now this one door bell pro starting to have this weird issue. Anyone have similar problem? I would like to think it’s a hardware issue and I have to send it back.
Please see link to video

Hey @Tri_tam. Have you tried doing a soft reset of your device? You can do this by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the reset is complete, test another event and check the videos throughout the day time to see if they are still having this flicker.

I’m having the same issue with my Ring Pro. I did a google search and it brought me to this thread. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe its the infared light turning on and off because its happening when its daylight but also kinda dark outside. Hopefully someone can answer this for us.

As advertised, I had check the operation of the unit before I removed the the unit for 10 minutes and re-install my door bell pro back on(01-15-20). The unit seem a little bit warm. But nothing help! the door bell pro still has these problem. Upon close inspection, maybe It was NOT (IR) infrared issue?, maybe more of HDR issue?? Because due to IR light limited, the over exposure/wash out issue can NOT reach all the way to the top and all the way to the side, my video is completely washed out whole screen!!!
Sometime I feel like it know that I am looking at it, and I trying to find the problem, so the problem go way by it self right after I pull out my phone and load the app(to check on it). Hahaha very strange if you ask me.
This unit at this location was brought as a certified refurbished. One year warranty, so I will be contact ring customer service soon.

That’s crazy. I’ve never seen that before on mine or others. The only thing I can think of is there any other camera facing it in anyway? Also is there any florescent lights nearby?

No fluorescent light or camera used on front or near this door bell(as you can see, and it’s daytime when this issue happen). Let me make it clear, it’s NOT ALWAYS like this, only sudden time of day(night time was perfect), mostly happen right after motion was triggered.

I’d have to say try to replace it under warranty. If it happens again, then there has to be something we’re not thinking about causing that.

My front doorbell pro’s infrared keeps turning on and off every 10-15 minuites at night, you can hear it turn each of the three infrared lights off one by one, then it turns them on again. Is this a fault? There is ambient light from streetlights, and also passing cars, although it does this when no cars are passing. Is there any way to turn off the infrared? or alter the lux level that triggers them ? I have reset the doorbell with no effect. I have it powered by a plug, and has a constant power supply of 4017mv. I have included a video of it happening, goto around 50 seconds.

It’s been a while, I was really busy.
Ring support ask me to #1 give them the Mac ID of the unit and #2 also ask me to connect the unit to a mobile hot spot. They told me to have one phone setup as mobile hot spot, while using another to set up the ring door bell to a new wifi of the hot spot. I didn’t want to do that, because the problem with my unit is not happen all the time, only sudden time of the day where the light is just right. So after some time I got a delicate mobile hot spot from Verizon. After setup it to connect to the mobile hot spot wifi, surprisingly my problem was masked off somewhat, all video recorded normally, the infrared/HDR problems only remained in the snapshot, you have to look closely to see it happening, kinda like the frame before the video start to record. I am fine with that, because the problem masked and doesn’t effect me that much. We are know the problem still exists and happen, just not under recorded video clips. My unit always a little bit warm for me whenever I touching it with my hand.
Fast forward 3 weeks later…
The unit is dead!
I mean dead dead…
Now amount of time pressing the side button to wake it up, or force the unit to reboot and enter setup mode. And disconnected the bell wires with same unresponsive result. Nothing would light up or work, not even door bell sound.
My mechanical door bell and transformer still work normally,(tested by short out the two door bell wire and my bell chime right away).
Only the ring door bell 2 pro is dead
I got a new ticket and support team send me a new door bell pro as a replacement. I received the new unit Monday, installed is yesterday, seem everything work just fine so far
I do noted a few upgrade on the new door bell I just received and installed.
Now the have cooling fins on the back and two vents on the lower side vs old unit only one vent on the bottom. If you are in the market for door bell 2 pro please make you are getting the new design.