Infra-red motion detector working but still no notifications

My Floodlight camera was working for two years and then it stopped giving me notifications.
Notifications for Ring on my phone are on.
My Ring Floodlight Camera is listed in List of devices that support Motion Warnings.
In Home Mode, Motion Detection On is set and Privacy Settings On is set.
I unplugged my camera for 30 seconds and then plugged it back in and tested getting notifications and I got nothing.
I pressed the reset button on the top of my camera and went through the setup process and tested getting notifications and got nothing.
I deleted and reinstalled the Ring app on my IPhone.
I called tech support, and they walked me through all the steps above for getting notifications. They told me that I needed a new Ring Floodlight Camera.
Then, I walked out into my driveway and the lights came on.
Why would the lights come on if the infra-red sensor is not working?

Hi @DarkMatter. Are motion events being logged in the Event History tab, but you’re not receiving a notification to your phone? Or are the motion events not being logged in the Event History tab either?

No events are being logged (“Nothing new”)

Hi @DarkMatter. I am happy to chime in. If your Floodlight Cam is not recording any motions and the troubleshooting steps did not work to fix it, then our support team would know what the next best step is.

They said replace the floodlight camera because the infra-red motion detector is not working; but it is.