How can I know when my shared user logs in to view my device ? Like how can I see when they log in and check on my camera ?

Hi @Jas19! There are a couple ways to see who is able to access your account, and certain activity. If they are a shared user, you can visit the specific device they are shared on in the Ring app and tap the Share Users tile to see if they are added. While you cannot see exactly what they view or press in the app, you can certainly see if they trigger a live view or answer a live event.

The Ring app also features a control center which can be found in the main menu from the dashboard of the app. The control center will have an option for authorized devices, which will show the last authorized access of any mobile device to your account, including some mobile device details. We recommend neighbors fully trust those who they add to their accounts, whether through shared or authorized access. If you are unsure of a shared or authorized access, you can certainly remove the shared user and authorized client device via the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: