Indoor wired Cam problems

Hi, I’ve had my indoor cam working previously, but it just stopped working, wouldn’t connect. Ive taken it down off the wall and plugged it in next to me so I can reset it and reconnect it to the app. Now, it just will not enter setup mode when you press and release the top button, I’ve also held the top button down for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, held the button down whilst powering the cam up, but nothing seems to reset it back to default so I can re add it to my account. This is the cam that was also blasting out random static noises every now and again. I’m at the end of my rope with it now, can anyone suggest anything I can do to actually reset it and get back into setup mode? I’ve tested the power supply and it is working, and tried a different cable etc, the blue light does come on, approx every 35/40 seconds. Please help me before I run over it with my van :confused:

I would reach out to customer service at this point. It sounds like a hardware failure.
Here’s the contact information.

That doesn’t sound good. Of my different Ring Video devices, its my personal experience that the Ring Indoor cam is the most reliable and trouble-free variant. When you mentioned the cam is making loud random static noises, I think your cam is just broken.

But, as weird as it sounds, one other thing you can try to in plug the power cord firmly in to different wall outlet. At least that is according to this link:

If that doesn’t work, I would definitely contact the RIng support team at 800-656-1918, and see if they can solve your issue or get a cam replacement. Oh course they’ll initially have you try a bunch of trouble-shooting steps, but eventually send you a new one … because your’s really sounds like its just dead.

Oooops sorry, Chelsea_Ring was referring to the power cord plug into the back of the cam.

Thanks guys. Called Ring CS. They ran through some troubleshooting and advised to contact Amazon for a replacement which came next day. New cam was added and up and running in 5 mins!

Thank you!