Indoor Security Camera

When my Ring is in “away Mode” one of my cameras is showing “off line”. It worked at one time. The battery seemed to drain fast so I bought a new battery. When I charged the new battery and installed it, the camera worked fine. As soon as we left and put it in “away mode” it shows “off line”. Thank you.

Hi there, @tspitz! When a Camera is added to a Mode there are options for what that Camera will do in each mode. Disabling live view and motion detection is an option and can result in the Cameras related features being inaccessible while in the mode. While logged in on your Ring app, please open the menu and select “settings”, then visit Modes. Here is where you can customize each mode and what your Cameras do for each.

While it might seem offline, the Camera should not be actually offline, and should return to normal operation when not in the mode, or with those settings changed. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: