Indoor Security Camera Power Input DIY

New here and not sure how Ring and this forum are regarding DIY modifications, so hopefully this doesn’t cross any boundaries. I’ve replaced my old wired security system with Ring, except for two wired motion detectors. I’d like to replace those two motion detectors with Ring Indoor cameras and use the low voltage wires already in the wall. My thought is to cut the cord near the camera and splice the wires from the wall into the micro USB that plugs into the camera. The power adapter end of the now cut cord would plug into the an outlet in the basement (near the old security system panel) and splice into the other end of the wires running through the walls and to the camera. I believe the plug-in adapter converts AC to 5V for the micro USB into the camera. Curious if anyone has tried this or if anyone knows of other options or adapters? Obviously not wanting to create a hazard so if anyone knows of risks other than product damage, please let me know. I have a lot of wiring experience with home DIY and have not burned down the house…yet.

Thanks for coming to the Community, @indycolt17! For sure a great place to see what other neighbors might have accomplished with Ring in their homes. I should begin by reminding you that we do not advise neighbors to alter their Ring devices in any way not intended by design, or advertised, as it can void warranty and lead to an unintended or unsafe experience. At Ring we care about your safety, and your security.

With this in mind, a configuration that would ultimately allow your Indoor Cam to receive the intended power via a standard outlet using the included indoor cable and adapter, would be the best. If it helps any, there’s also a privacy kit accessory available for your Indoor cam that has an a on/off switch.

I recommend also checking out the Stick Up Camera Elite, which provides the option of poe and might allow for an easier cable run. I hope this helps, and feel free to let us know what you accomplish with your ‘Ring of security’. :slight_smile: