Indoor Security Cam

Hi, I’m considering getting an indoor security cam for a small business to monitor a retail part of the business and handling of cash. There may be motion for several hours sometimes. Would the cam continue to record or would it stop and restart every 10 minutes? If it’s the latter, would it have gaps in time? Thanks.

Hey @zapizzolato. I personally have an Indoor Cam and you could most likely have this for your business and have it work as your expectations are for it to be recording most of the activity. When you do install it, I recommend having the max Motion Sensitivity and to have a Motion Zone that covers the camera’s full view, so that way nothing is missed when it comes to the Motion Detection. The Event History should show recordings for more events, back to back, but it’s possible you may have a minute or so in between of downtime of the video that was being recorded being processed.

This processing time can be lengthy (a couple minutes) depending on the internet speeds at the business, so if you have optimal speeds (2 Mpbs upload/download just for the camera, ignoring everything else on the network), then the processing time shouldn’t cause too much of a delay in between the recordings. Feel free to give it a try to see if it’s up to the standards you need for your business! If you get it from us and do not like it, you can always return the device for a refund within 30 days if you buy it from! :slight_smile: