Indoor Ring Cam Audio Problems on all 4 cams. Can't make out what is said!

I have 4 indoor cams and recently we started trying to use the live talk feature due to our elderly parents moving in with us. When we try to talk over all the cameras the sound comes out garbled and you can’t understand what is being said. The sound also cuts in and out when someone is talking over the cams. I have a very fast internet 400 mbps down and 25-30 mbps up. I also have a very fast orbi mesh router which has extreme range and a satelite as well. The front doorbell, back doorbell and garage security flood cam all work fine and you can understand everyone that talks over them. Any ideas??

Hi there, @Trmpt4him! 4 Cameras having a similar audio quality concern sounds like it could be network related. While speeds look sufficient, and your Cameras are indoors, likely with good signal, there may be some interference in the placement of the Cameras. As a test, try bringing an Indoor Camera into the same room as the main router, and ensure it is connected to it. Next, test out audio there to see if it improves. I recommend performing this test a couple of times using different mobile devices if possible.

If audio concerns persist with all 4 Cameras, regardless of placement and mobile device, see if there are any Orbi network settings or diagnostics that show a difference in performance or features on the network for your Indoor Cams. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: