Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter USB C

The description of this product is confusing to me. Is the middle part of this cord (the power box or whatever you call it) weather resistant and can it be mounted outside? I was wanting to use the wired mode on my spotlight cam plus and was wondering if i can plug the usb c end in the camera and run the wire down to where I need it, mount the middle box part outside and run the other side of the cord through an external wall to an outlet inside. 1. Is the middle box part weather resistant and can be mounted outside? 2. Can the extra cable side that plugs into an outlet be taken off that middle box part to be able to fish it through the wall without having to make a larger hole to fit it through the exterior wall? 3. Is it safe to have that specific cable go through an external wall (electrical code)? Thanks for any help provided.

Hi @Ta900. When you connect the indoor adapter to the outdoor adapter, the middle box is weather-resistant. So if you are planning to use the Camera indoors, you only need the indoor adapter. If you are going to use it outside, you use the indoor and outdoor adapters together. They are two separate cables, so yes, they can be detached from each other. For your last question, I recommend reaching out to a qualified electrician to look into that with you.