Indoor Mechanical Doorbell

My indoor doorbell has historically worked without any backup batteries installed. Now, for some reason, it will only chime with backup batteries installed. Everything else works fine…connection good, Tranformer Voltage is good etc… Does this mean I need a new power kit (V2) or can the transformer still be bad even though the voltage is good?

I appreciate the help. Thank you.


Hi @RMKFOREVER! It sounds like your mechanical chime kit might need more power, or it could be old. If the mechanical chime is not working as it used to, please check the transformer rating as well as the rating for that chime model, to ensure power is sufficient. I recommend also checking the wire gauge used, and that it is not too thin of wires.

Try wiring the chime kit without the Pro Power Kit, to see if this makes a difference. If you feel like you need another Pro Power Kit, we have spare parts available on ouraccessories page at I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring would adding a Pro Power Kit to a 1st gen Ring Doorbell help on making the doorbell work?
What is the Pro Power kit? I see in your post you said “if you feel like you need another Pro Power Kit” - you meant to be added or to replace the one on @RMKFOREVER’s case?

Hey @ceestevez. Chiming in for Marley! The Pro Power Kit is only for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and should not be used with any other Ring devices. This thread is going to be in regards to the Pro, and if you need a replacement Pro Power Kit to ensure it’s doing what it needs to for the Doorbell.