Indoor chime delay

Hello, have had this issue since I installed our doorbell. What happens is that when someone outside presses the button, our indoor chime initializes, the “ding” if you will, then about 2-3 seconds later the “dong” happens, if that makes sense. Instead of a fast “ding-dong” it’s a “ding”…….2 seconds later………”dong”.

Looked on YouTube, with no success on how to fix. Can anyone help, suggest what the issue may be with a fix, or has anyone also experienced this, and if so, how did you fix?


This could be due to a few things. An incompatible chime kit, too thin of wiring, or even an old chime kit/ transformer could cause this. Check out our Help Center article for a description of the proper wire gauge to use.

Here is also a link to our Chime Compatibility lists for each Video Doorbell model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Not sure if this issue ever had a response that provided a solution. I have the same issue of the delayed “dong”. Basicall the Ring chime signal send and holds a voltage “ding” at the actual chime for too long - 3-5 secods - and then releases the chime voltage “dong”. Pretty annoying. The voltage pulse is way too long. Could the chime power dapter device type make a difference here?

Hi @BSmith1518. What model Ring Doorbell do you have? Do you have a mechanical or digital chime kit? How is this reflected in your Ring app? This information will help us determine how to proceed here.