Indoor Cams dropping offline

I currently run 7 indoor cams, 1 elite POE, and 1 elite pro doorbell with a chime pro. 2 days ago 2 of my indoor cams dropped offline. I tried to reset them, rescan code, manually re-enter WiFi password, etc and I can no longer get them back online again. I have numerous WiFi devices along with a full network system thought out the home. I purposely unplugged a working indoor cam and after plugging it back in, it would not connect. I am with 15’ line of site to my router. I tried to use my chime pro as a go between to my router as well. After doing this it knocked my chime pro offline and it took nearly 1.5 hours to come back online by itself. However the cameras will not reconnect. I also spent 1-3/4 hours on the phone with level 2 ring techs. Nothing we did worked. I also set up another WiFi network to test if the cams were not working at all. None of the cams that stopped working would come back online even with a totally different network at another location. Seems very strange. The only theory that makes sense is when they powered back up they received a firmware update that bricked them. I tested another brand WiFi cam and it came up on my home network without an issue. Normally I never call tech support unless I have tried every type of idea. They emailed their engineers to see if there might be something else to try. My last idea was to buy another indoor cam and set it up to see if it works. They told me to wait to hear from them before I do this. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Mishimoto. Thanks for sharing this information, as I’m sure it will be beneficial to other neighbors. Please update us when you hear back from your support ticket. Thank you!

The only email I received back was asking me to change my firewall to off. I did this and it didn’t solve the issue. I took a brand new cam to a friends home. They have an older Comcast modem. It connected perfect and was online in minuets after the firmware update. Based on some info I found the firmware updates may not work well with Xfinity new modems. I may have to get a different router and bridge my modem just to run ring cams. If this is what I have to do then I would rather run Poe cams from a different company. It’s a simple camera that should work like another WiFi device.

Not for nothing, I had tech support call me back. To date they still can’t figure out what’s going on. IMHO I believe some ISP’s route and modems block devices that may be contacted by the camera companies for firmware updates etc. There maybe an issue with phishing from the companies and the cameras are being locked out of the network. I have 6 of my 9 cameras working. The other 3 no longer will work. I recently purchased a competitor as I need to have streaming video and alerts in certain parts of my home. I’ll use my 6 till they are locked out, cause this point that’s all that’s left working. It’s a shame as I pay almost $100 a year to have cloud service for all my cams. Eventually I will have to migrate away from Ring. I honestly don’t have the time to fight with a $60 camera. In the beginning I would struggle with stuff and eventually even tech support gave up on their own stuff. I don’t wanna waste my day trying to fix issues I can’t control. When tech wants me to do stuff with my modem/router which is impossible, I know then it’s time to find something else to use.