Indoor cameras active only while alarm is in Away mode?

Hey all,

I have two questions which I was hoping you could answer:

  1. Can I trigger an automation so that when I come home and deactivate my security system, I turn OFF the Indoor Cam automatically? I just don’t see the use of having it on when I am home, specially for privacy reason. I came across this reddit post: - where it says one year ago, that this feature was advertised “Coming Soon”. Did it every arrive?

  2. If I have a top-hung outward opening window (you can google that if you are unsure), which I keep a little bit open during the day and night for fresh air. How can I use the sensor correctly, either motion sensor or the door/window sensor, so that firstly it does not consider it open when its just a little bit open, and also when the burglar opens the window far wide to be able to come in, it detects it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @sveinn. I’d be happy to answer both of your questions here. First, with the Modes feature, you can have the recording and motion detection on your Indoor Cam disabled whenever your system is in the Disarmed or Home mode. This will prevent it from detecting and recording motion while you’re home without the need to manually toggle it off. As for your second question, we do have an Open Window Magnet which can be used for doors or windows that you’d like to leave cracked for fresh air. When it is installed, the Contact Sensor will register as closed even when the window or door is cracked, but it will register as open and trigger the siren if it is opened any further. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your quick answer, Caitlyn!

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