Indoor camera video light level

I just installed a 7th indoor camera on our system. At night the video is obviously dark but we have enough night lights around the house to see video. The new camera however doesn’t adjust to the light in when we turn lamps/lights on. The video stays darker than other cameras in the same area. If I reboot the new camera the video is as light as the other cameras for a few minutes then goes dark again. Until the sun is brightly out. Then it’s fine.

Hi @SoonerBill1959. For this Indoor Cam, have you checked the option for “Infrared Lights for Night Vision”? If toggled on, this can impact your ability to see at night. It would be helpful if you could share a screenshot of what you are seeing, so we can advise on how to best troubleshoot this concern. Thanks, neighbor!

I have a lamp that’s on an wi-fi controlled switch. Setting it to be on early mornings until the sun is bright works.