Indoor Camera speaker stopped working


My Indoor cam speaker appears to have stopped working. I can hear audio and what I’m saying into my phone on the app but no sound comes out of the camera. The siren also doesn’t make any sound
This has previously worked fine and my Ring Doorbell still works
I have tried powering down the camera, holding the power button for 30 seconds to reset, deleting and reinstalling the app. Still no audio from the camera speaker
This only seems to have been a problem since the app was updated recently
I have checked on 2 iPhones and both are the same

Hi @Stuart80. It seems you’ve done the extend of your troubleshooting for the camera’s speaker not longer working. If you can, please give our support team a call here to get this addressed. I recommend to grab a video of the siren or audio not working as well, as this will help for the call you make to support! Let us know how this goes. :slight_smile:

I’m Experiencing the same situation what was the solution?

mine as well, siren and speaker completely inoperable tested with multiple phones tablets and pc

Ring support is sending me a replacement as mine is still under warranty, all I did was called and went through troubleshooting pretty simple process

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