Indoor Camera speaker not working

There was a thread on this before and it got closed. My audio out of the indoor cam suddenly stopped working a couple of weeks ago, presumably after a ring update and no troubleshooting could repair it. I called ring and they said sorry, you’re out of warranty but here’s a discount code to purchase a new one! How about the ring engineers release a patch to fix this bug because I’m clearly not the only customer with this issue.

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Hi @RingUser1985. For audio issues, I typically recommend the troubleshooting tips listed in this article. You can also complete a full reset of your Indoor Cam by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds before walking through a new setup in the Ring app.

Our support team likely walked you through all the applicable troubleshooting steps before checking the warranty and offering a discount code. Once a device is out of warranty, our support team is typically unable to process a replacement for issues that cannot be resolved through troubleshooting.

Just happened to me and she didn’t even give me the discount code to order a new one. Just said she could offer me a 35% discount. If it keeps happening it definitely seems like a THEM problem.

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