Indoor Camera not being added to existing group of cams

Added the indoor camera to my app and got it all setup, BUT when I switch modes from Home to Away or Vice verse, all my other cameras (Ring doorbell, 3 battery stickup cams) switch and my indoor cam does not. It’s not even listed in my mode settings. Do I really have to manually change the settings every time I leave the house for the indoor cam or is there something wrong with my indoor cam not joining the group. I can see the indoor cam video fine through the app, it’s just the mode setting that isn’t working with it.

Hi @Brandonn. Depending on your Mode Settings, certain devices that are indoors will behave differently the Doorbells and Outdoor Cams. You can learn about these behaviors in this Help Center article here. If you are still having an issue with this, try sharing a screenshot or screen recording of your Mode Settings so we can better assist you with this.