Indoor camera in active or inactive mode?

I’m considering the installation of an indoor camera, and I’m curious about its operational flexibility. Specifically, would it be possible to have it only active/recording when no one is home? Is there an option to toggle its activation or deactivation as required?

Alternatively, is it possible to simply control the camera’s functionality by plugging and unplugging it? If so, would it automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network upon regaining power?

I don’t have the ring alarm system.

Hi @Cterp70. With a Ring Protect plan, you can utilize the Modes feature for your Indoor Cam. This would allow you to control the motion detection based on which Mode the Camera is in. For example, you can have motion detection disabled during Home Mode, and have it enabled during Away Mode.

Alternatively, you can unplug it and plug it back in when you arrive home. The Cam should automatically reconnect to your wifi network, however you may need to walk it through the reconnection process if it’s unable to automatically connect. I hope this information helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

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