Indoor Camera (Battery) No LIve View

Despite my Indoor Camera (Battery) being just feet from my Router - I cannot get Live View…any ideas??

Hey @FrankieCalls, what happens when you try to load the Live View? It’s possible you have some settings on your router that are restricting the device from connecting to the live stream. If you can, please check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on what ports and protocols should be open for the Ring devices to smoothly connect and work. Let me know if this helps!

When I try to connect to Live View…it just seems to be connecting but never does…tells me my phone has poor connectivity - which is not correct - I have excellent connectivity with my Ring Doorbell some 10 metres away…I don’t know if I am technically adept enough to change my router settings ?

@FrankieCalls Thank you for explaining that to me! If you don’t feel super confident making these changes, you can always call your ISP to have them do it for you. Also, you can give us a call here and we can help walk you through it to ensure you are back up and running before the end of the call. :slight_smile:

I have discovered that having my VPN turned on is causing the issue. When I turn it off I can access Live View…It’s just a shame I can’t have the added security of having both simultaneously.

@FrankieCalls I’m glad you were able to find the solution for this! The VPN does make sense, as we do not allow neighbors to connect to our site via VPN, as we’ve added our own layers of security to our devices and products we offer. Rest assured, Ring is looking out for our neighbors and their security, but I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team! :slight_smile: