Indoor Cam won't enter setup mode

This worked for me. The important step here is pressing the top button quickly again after holding down for 20 seconds. If you don’t do that, it won’t enter setup mode.

I bought an indoor cam and it worked for 15 minutes, so I took it back to the store and exchanged for a new one. The replacement bricked as soon as the firmware updated. It won’t even reset. I’ve tried it multiple outlets that I know work and still no luck. I’m very disappointed that this hasn’t been fixed yet.

Solutio: after not one, not two, but 3 replacement cameras it appears we have a fully-functioning camera now.

The ONLY reason this occurred has to be manufacturer defect in a certain lot/batch. And instead of RING removing these cameras from circulation, they kept them in circulation to make it the customer job to identify and replace them.

Which means the problem with this specific lot of cameras is unpredictable and inconsistent. Way to go RING, passing the buck to your customers ?

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I have a similar issue.
All of a sudden, the indoor camera showed up on the app as “offline” with the blue light flashing once every 20 seconds.
Unplugged the camera, but still the same.
Tried the ‘holding the button for 20+ Seconds and pressing again’ routine countless times, but still no succes.
Every couple of attempts, the light flashes rapidly while I hold the butten, but stops when I release it.

I am very disappointed that a device that’s meant for security is letting me down like that.

Another annoyance is that the store where I’ve bought this camera is quite far, so returning will not be easy.

I’m a ring installer and had trouble with the indoor cam, I was pressing the top button too long… just a quick press puts it in setup mode and holding down for 20 seconds to factory settings then a quick press put it in setup mode… make sure you’re on the same wifi network… 2G if you have options of 2G and 5G because ring only works on 2G… and reset of router before

Has this issue (looks like some sort of software issue) been updated in the meantime? This morning I was in contact with the Ring helpdesk (same issue as everyone here) and was told to reach out to the webshop (3rd party). The webshop is now sending me a replacement camera, but to be honest I’m expecting the exact same issue will happen again after a couple of days…

Same here after it started update it just stopped working. It would be great since it has a usb plug in people could connect it to their computers and have the issue be fixed with better update. I got mine as a gift for christmas not sure where they bought it exactly and would break their hearts if I was to tell them that they wasted their money. Ring most definitely knows about the problem so you would figure during this time of crap they would find away for people to fix the issue by plugging it into computer for correct software and would save alot of contamination with people sending it back and forth.