Indoor cam wired

I have a stick up cam battery, which went offline when we left for a 3 month trip. Apparently you or someone else need to be in the home to push reset button (crazy) we cannot do anything now until we return home.

My question is, does the wired version need to have the reset button pushed if it goes offline?

I am really frustrated with the whole thing. Hope someone can help.

Hey @Tewitfield. When a device falls offline, it normally will reconnect automatically once the network is available. With the Stick Up Cam Battery, you could potentially run into the battery dying on you, hence why it could fall offline. With the Indoor Cam that is wired, you will eliminate this possibility. In the case a device is offline and will not come back online after 24 hours, you may need to press the setup button to manually reconnect again.

Thank you for your reply, the camera had only been plugged in for 4 days and was showing 80% battery life. Looks like I will have to purchase a battery cam wired to eliminate this problem, it appears that the battery cam you buy in the States allows you to connect a power cable, the Canadian one does not.

Wish I had know this before I purchased the camera.

Thanks again

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