Indoor Cam WiFi issues

I have had my indoor camera for about 6 months now and in the past two months it keeps having issues staying connected with the WiFi. Before it was just once a week and now it has gotten to the point that it I will get it to connect to the WiFi and a minute later I open the app again and it’s no longer connected. I have a doorbell that is maybe 5 feet away and it has no issues. My WiFi has not changed. I tried different outlets, I left it unplugged for a few hours, I reset my router. Nothing has helped. Has anyone else had this issue or have any solutions?

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I have been having this issue too. The camera sits right next to the router and I’ve reset both multiple times.

Same here, Ring support where are you?

Having the same issue with my indoor wired camera. It was working fine and now all of a sudden I noticed the camera has been offline for a while. My outdoor battery cameras are conected to the wifi fine. I’ve disconnected, reset, unplugged, tried to set up device again. You name it, I’ve tried it. Still not working. It says there’s an issue with my wifi when I try to connect, but the speed appears fine and all other cameras are connected to the wifi fine.

Update: I disconnected my camera from the app, unplugged it from the outlet AND unplugged the cord from camera itself and then I reconnected it and set up the camera again on the app and my camera has been working for about 12 hours now. However I turned off the infrared on the app but it won’t actually turn off on the camera but at least the camera is working now.