Indoor Cam wifi concern

I just installed Ring security system. All works well EXCEPT ring indoor cam having problem connecting to wifi. Only connects occasionally and then only for short times. I have good wifi 1 GB router. Cam is not far from router. What gives?? How do I tell Ring about this?

Hi @FREDG1440. What is the RSSi listed as on the Device Health page for the Indoor Cam? The RSSI is a measure of strong the wifi signal to your Indoor Cam is. You can learn more about RSSI here. Distance is one factor in wifi strength, but other wifi-connected devices or certain building materials can also cause interference to the signal. Lastly, make sure that the ports and protocols used by Ring devices are open on your router. Otherwise, this can interfere with the connection. If you need help making any adjustments to your router settings, please reach out to your internet service provider.