Indoor Cam unable to zoom

I have 4 Ring cameras and I can pinch to zoom on all except the Indoor cam. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @Cirrus22Joe ! I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app to ensure it is up to date, and integrated optimally with your mobile device. You should certainly be able to zoom on both live streams and recorded events. Let us know if this works! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: My iPhone is zooming fine without re-installing the app even before the 13.1.3 IOS update. My iPad zooms fine as well. However, my wifes phone still cannot zoom on the indoor cam. All other cams she can zoom fine. I deleted and re-installed the Ring app and still have the same issue on her phone which is also on 13.1.3. Please help!

I am also not able to zoom every time on recorded and live. I have updated all software and have updated / most recent Zoom app.

I haven’t been able to pinch and zoom on my battery cams for that last week or so.

Does not seem to zoom on iPhone 6 or on IOS older than 13.1.1

For now I have downloaded rapid ring to zoom in on live view. I have an iPhone 8 Plus with 5.21.0 version of ring. My wife has iPhone XS Max with 5.20.0 version and works fine

Thanks. I’ll try it out