Indoor cam two-way talk speaker comes through inaudible (choppy)

My indoor cam speaker just randomly stopped working properly, trying to talk to someone through the camera is impossible, the audio is all choppy and inaudible. It used to work fine since I purchased it in April of this year. The siren feature works fine. The speaker does transmit the audio, although in an inaudible manner. Interestingly enough, when I watch the recorded videos back of my talking though it, they have crystal clear audio, which is definitely not how the speaker outputs the audio. I have a ring doorbell pro and floodlight, which both work flawlessly, so I know its not my internet (my camera is in arms length of the router and I have tried various different locations throughout the house) or phone because the audio transmits clearly through those. Also, before a Ring associate asks, yes, I did allow microphone on my phone and yes, I am not on mute.

So far I have tried (all suggested by ring support):
Power cycling the cam
Factory resetting the cam
Disconnecting the cam and reconnecting it to my ring account
Logging out of and uninstalling the app on my phone then reinstalling
Reconnecting and resetting the wifi router (which is an eero 6 and has 100 mbs+ speeds)
Trying a different phone
Locating the cam in a different room
Updating my app to the most current version
Disconnecting all Bluetooth devices
Unplugging my Alexa devices
Turning off timeline in my ring account

Nothing has worked. Ring sent me a replacement for a warranty claim and I set up the new camera and guess what, it is doing the same thing, straight out of the box. What is going on. Can someone help me here? I feel like I am out of options at this point… it’s just so frustrating because it used to work great for about 4 months and then boom… stopped transmitting audio correctly. And how is the brand new cam doing the same? Is this a software bug on Ring’s end?

PLEASE HELP. I feel like I am going insane here lol.

I have multiple ring devices and audio has always been a problem, even with strong wifi.

Did yours always not work properly, or did they used to work and then suddenly stop?

Hey neighbors. It looks like you’ve covered all of your bases with the troubleshooting steps you’ve listed. This may be related to your network. This Help Center article here will go over how to make some adjustments to your router to increase the Audio Quality for your Indoor Cam.

As another test, you can connect your Indoor Cam to a wifi hotspot to see if you get the same results. If your audio improves, your network settings will need to be adjusted. Let me know if this works!

Always as far as I can remember. Even some YouTubers that test Ring products commented the audio is not as good as some other brands.

I have exactly the same problem with the ring indoor cams. The audio is all choppy and inaudible. It used to work fine. One of the cameras is placed right beside the router and the problem persists. I also have a stick-up and a doorbell, which both work flawlessly. The stick-up camera is placed far from the wifi router and works perfectly. I don’t think the problem is my network.

I have also tried everything possible, but nothing works.

Please help…

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Exactly. It’s frustrating. Ring support acts like we a stupid. It’s not the network, I am tired of them insisting that is the problem. My guess is a software issue.