Indoor Cam Static Noise


I posted in another thread but seems like my camera noise is different.

I get this whenever live view mode is active via 2 of our phones.

If I enable live view via Echo Show 8, I hear the noise on the Echo instead.

I have the exact behaviour on Video Doorbell 3 Plus for which I’ll create a new post in the Doorbell section.

Please advise how I can fix this.


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Here is the video:

I rang support who suggested this was faulty and to arrange a replacement which unfortunately is the same. Will follow up today.

This has been escalated to the engineering department. Will post any updates when I have one.

Hi @F1N1! Thank you for your continued updates on this experience. I greatly appreciate you taking the time and performing all the best steps to get this concern resolved. While you work with our teams, something I can recommend if you have not done so already, is to move the Cam closer to the router while also avoiding any large electronics/ appliances being to close. Also, please be sure that any mobile device or speaker enabled device that is connecting to this Cam is not too close, thus causing feedback.

Ruling out these two factors will really help the team and yourself in finding a solution. As I’m sure you are exploring these variables already, we look forward to any updates in what you find with our teams. We will also forward this as added feedback during their investigation! :slight_smile:

I worked with Ring support and the noise is caused by my router (tplink MR600 ).

I’m using it with a 4G sim so not sure if a wired connection to a modem would help - I currently get faster speeds on 4G.