Indoor cam power extension lead?

Hi All

With the indoor cam power cable being on the short side, i was just wondering if anyone had tried powering one of these with an alternate usb charger maybe an apple one (the bigger ones) with a longer micro usb cable to give a bit more length.

I dont have one to try with so was just curious to know, I had a look at the charger ratings on the ring cam and an apple charger and they seem to be pretty much the same?


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I’ve used longer ones and others have too. But I use a standard USB micro cord. Nothing with apple though. You can find them one Amazon and they don’t cost much.

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Thanks for this, glad it’s possible. what wall plug did you use for the longer micro cord just out of curiosity?

Thanks again

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One from my many Android phones I have laying around. Bought a long cable and just used a plug I had in my drawer. They don’t need much power. A basic plug should work fine.

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