Indoor Cam power cable too short

needed atleast 20ft for me to install this atop the wall. any alternatives?

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Agree the cord is too short. Because the cord is attached to the power supply, and the micro usb has a proprietary shapped plug, I only see one alternative . . . splice the cord. You have to cut the cord and splice a new cord in. Make sure you mark the cord before you cut so you do not cross the wires, it may not matter, but it might. I only needed a few feet, the longer the cord the more you may have resistance power loss. But I would think 20 feet should be OK. Yes, the power supply for this camera could use a better design.

Glad you asked @Brad and @NogNog! We do not recommend making any alterations to your devices as changes can void warranty and the device may not operate as intended. Learn more about device warranty at

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Any suggestions then?

Thank you for the suggestion. I bought a 20ft usb cable instead then a separate usb power supply rated 5v @ 2.4a. hope this will supply enough power going to the cam.

You can also buy micro usb extension cables. I think after you get the cable into the back of the camera you could “pack” that recess with anything (even tissue) to better hold the cable in that custom shapped hole.

I got lucky, I was able to reroute my cable and make it fit before I took any other action. I bet Ring addresses this power supply issue with the next version.

Hey @Brad and @NogNog! I’ve shared this feedback with the team, who are always looking to improve our neighbor’s experience. We will definitely keep you updated on any future improvements that might help with this :slight_smile:

A longer cable is needed.
6ft is a joke for a wired security cam, even if indoor.


Agreed. RIng could easily fix this by providing a Micro USB cable with one end formed for the camera side and one that has a standard USB-A plug on the other, and a separarate USB power adapter, and even sell longer cables as an option.

I wonder if anyone has been able to use a standard off-the-shef 10" micro USB cable with the cam instead of the provided power cable. Would it fit the camera side?

This has been asked many times before. You can use a longer cable. If you do a search for this, thoughts threads should come up.

Link pls?
Or what should I look for on amazon?

Any micro USB cable will work. Amazon has many to choose from. You can even get a different color.
I have attached a screenshot of the page from Ring where they state you can use one but only inside.

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Thanks - that’ll work.

I just wish they had includes it to begin with.

It is kind of short for it purpose. Especially if you don’t have an outlet below it. At least the cables aren’t too expensive. Hopefully they will add a longer one in the future.

The screenshot is for the Stick Up Cam? Will the instructions also apply to the Indoor Cam?

I would appreciate you offering a solution, not just a trite word on warranty policies. A six foot proprietary power cable is a design flaw. How about an accessory that works? Unless someone uses this as a desktop camera, I can’t see how it is usable for any other application. I wanted to put my camera on a bookshelf and need 12 feet to reach an outlet. This doesn’t work!


If it’s a micro USB cord, almost any would work. If you want a Ring one they do now have more longer cables in the accessory section.

am I missing something? The cables in accessors are shorter than the one that comes with the camera?

Can we just use a common 120v/2A usb wall charger and a length micro usb cable of our choosing?