Indoor cam not going into setup mode

I’ve upgraded my Sky router and as such had to reinstall my Ring Products for the new wi-fi passwords. All went well apart from one indoor cam that I can’t get to connect to setup mode. What happens is the blue light flashes once for two seconds, goes off and flashes again for another two seconds thirty seconds later and continues doing the same. I’ve tried the reset button - nothing, tried totally reinstalling - nothing, tried deleating the camera off the dashboard and reinstalling as if it were a new product - nothing. Tried the advice on this community and guess what - nothing. So far two days trying to get this to work. Other than hit it with a large hammer has anyone got any ideas? I suppose it might have just developed a fault and need replacing?

Hi @Dak3687. If you are unable to connect the Indoor Cam and get it to finish the setup process of connecting to your new router, I recommend reaching out to our support team here. They will be able to help take a deeper look into this for you and figure out the appropriate next steps. Feel free to let us know how it goes once you give them a call! :slight_smile: