Indoor Cam - Live view frozen at activating

Before I consider paying for Ring service - I see they don’t have much customer support. I can get my live video to go when I am in my home standing at the camera. If I got say … to work… try to launch the live feed … it just says activating live and never changes. What is wierd is that it does record that attempt because I can go back and in my event history it records that live video view and I can play it back. But I can’t see it in real time.

Hey @RingMaestro. When you are away from home and at work, are you connected to a wifi network at work? Some wifi networks may have restrictions on live streaming, which is what the Live View is considered. Try using mobile data only when you are away, and ensure that you have the mobile data available to pull up the Live View. In addition, you can give the Rapid Ring app a try, as it is an app designed for a faster Live View. Please note that failed Live View attempts will not show up in the event history. Hope that helps clear that up! :slight_smile:

Thanks. People at my work stream other things but maybe. I will try that Rapid Ring app and try using mobile data to see if it works.

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@RingMaestro Let me know how this works out! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem no matter what I app I am using including the echo show