Indoor cam lights turning on and clicking all the time

I just started using my indoor cam and have noticed that the blue light comes on briefly for about one second then the infrared light light comes on, there is a clicking noise then nothing for a few moments then another clicking noise and the infrared light goes off and the cycle starts again. I thought maybe someone was hacking into it but I have removed all authorized devices and I live in a rural area where no one else can get access to my Wi-Fi. Any thoughts from the community? I have tried restarting the device multiple times.

Hi @Dj1mtry! At Ring we value your security and privacy, and ensure that there are various measure in place so that your account is protected. In addition to your Cams securely connecting to an already secured wifi network, your Ring app also has multiple authentication factors. Excellent job checking your control center to check for any other users.

Rest assured that the behavior you are seeing is likely normal. Check out our help center article about the Indoor Cam LED patterns to see if any of these would apply. Keep in mind also, any motion settings, scheduling, or linked devices you might have in the Ring app. If a motion was triggered it should show up in your event history. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to set it to it does not detect motion at all? I just want to use it as an on-demand camera. I had a Wemo Net Cam that I am trying to replace. I only want to camera to be active when I am viewing it live. I have it to monitor my dogs, but I would prefer not to have to unplug and plug it back in all the time. The lights and clicking of the camera turning on is a bit unerving when I am trying to sleep.

Good question @Dj1mtry! There is a Record Motion toggle that will do just that. When toggled off, your Camera will not log or record motion. Check out our help center article about this toggle to learn more! :slight_smile: