Indoor cam clicking noise

We are having the same issue, but only started today. Had no issues for the first two weeks of install. IPhone no clicking, IPad clicking - just with live view. Tried moving the devices away into another room (in case it was interference from iPad (not cellular) but still iPad causes periodic clicks and iPhone does not. My dogs were freaking out when I put on live-view periodically and this is why :frowning:

I just set up the camera and the clicking sound started immediately. These forum provides no solution.

I am having the same issue but it starts clicking anytime I remote log in to view camera. This started happening after the free recording trial ended. Is my camera defective or is it Ring trying to get a subscription possibly?

I’ve had my indoor cam up for a couple of weeks in my living room. As someone said at the beginning of this thread, it appears to be the IR filter mechanically engaging when night vision activates. You can always see the IR LEDs light up when the click occurs and off again on the next click.

In my case it becomes a big issue when watching a movie in a darkened room as it clicks in and out of night vision depending on the movie brightness.

Turning off night vision in the cam settings does not stop it as you would hope.

Ring, please fix this in firmware and software. Please at least disable the IR filter from operating when night vision is disabled. It is unusable in its current state. Very few people can tolerate the clicking in living and sleeping places. I note the more expensive indoor/outdoor elite cams are significantly quieter on the verge of being unnoticeable when the ir filter clicks in.

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I have the new inside cams in every room in my house. But I never hear them. My old cam of another brand does make clicks while watching TV. Unless your room is extremely quiet, you shouldn’t hear anything. It may be a hardware defect.

Got mine back in January when they first came out in the UK but only just installed it in the last couple of weeks. Seems a fair few people are noticing these clicks so perhaps the initial batches had issues?

Unfortunately not every movie blasts out at full volume and often darker scenes are accompanied by quieter moments only to be joined in the corner by a “click” from the camera. Very distracting and just shouldn’t be causing people to look around to see what the noise was whilst trying to immerse themselves in a Dolby Atmos 7.2 audio experience.

Ok I’ll escalate to Ring as a fault and see what they have to say.

Might be a bad batch. And I love my Dolby Atmos as well. Incredible sound. Like I said. I don’t hear it on my Ring cam.

Well live chat to get through to Ring is pointless, just terminates with no option to chat with anyone. Reviews pointing to the clicking suggest that replacements have had the same issue.

Has anyone here who has experienced the click on the Indoor Cam had one replaced with something that worked better? I have a Ring Doorbell Pro and two Elite Cams and no issues with those, just with this nasty little Indoor Cam.

Anyone get resolution in this issue? I’m experiencing the same issue with the camera clicking when in live mode.

I have same issue with my external camera and at daylight. And more, i had the motion movement snooze, just to make sure no one was using the camera ( live view)

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I have had 2 battery spotlights for over two years and they just started making this noise 2 days ago. I feel it could be a Ring firmware update. I also have two 5 months old stick up cams and they started making the same noise even with RSSI of 16

Same here. I called and they are sending replacements. But after reading how many people have the same issue I realy think this is a firmware issue they need to fix the replacements will be useless .

Just got 2 indoor cameras last week, and both are clicking at night. Very annoying. I have disabled the live view and recording when my Ring alarm is unarmed, so what do the cameras try to capture anyway ? It looks like it’s always recording and I’m also concerned for my privacy. Will return them to Amazon if there is no solution soon.

I just got my camera, and it was doing it all night while I was watching TV with the lights down low.

The camera was completely disabled while this was happening.

Creepy and annoying.

Waiting on a call back from customer service right now.

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I got off the phone with customer service. All they could do was make sure my firmware was up to date, which it was and always has been - I went through the update process when I activated the system two days ago.

I have a SimplySafe system that this is going to replace, and the camera does make a noise when going into night mode. You can only hear it if you are inches away from the camera.

This has nothing to do with software, other than programming the camera to actually be off when you have it completely disabled.

Right now, the camera appears to be always on regardless of the status of the system. I can tell you this as an absolute fact!

When we were rebooting the camera and having go through setup, it was recording me the whole time… The camera was disabled in my setup (including Live View) and the alarm was disarmed.

At least SimplySafe has a privacy shield… it also costs three times as much money for the monitoring service each month. (Oh, and you can turn off the annoying recording light on the SimplySafe system. You have to put tape over the Ring camera if you don’t want the blue light to come on.)

So far, in comparison, the Ring system is definitely much more cheaply built and much less sophisticated. We’ll have to see if I keep Ring and if it’s worth the savings in monitoring costs for a C- Ring system vs. an A+ SimplySafe system.

Just realized that the camera is indeed turned On all the time (altough live view and motion detection are disabled). And in “away” mode it’s supposed to do motion detection, but it records all the time. I am going to return them and reinstall my Arlo Q. I really wanted to use the Ring indoor cameras for a better integration with the Ring alarm (I also have 3 outdoor Ring cameras and doorbell that work well ).

Come on people, we’re not talking rocket science here.

I set up my camera today. Brilliant product. Thank you Ring.

Clicking started with light off watching television. Placed thick dark cloth gently over front and top of camera.

No more clicking

You are welcome.

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I am having the same problem. My indoor cameras click on and off and the red light blinks. I have tried to re-create it too and can’t seem to get it to work. It’s almost like somebody is watching or listening and my cameras aren’t even a month old.

I’m surprised there is no response from RING about this critical issue. It seems to be a firmware issue or feature, so all should be affected.

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