Indoor cam clicking noise

I purchased the new indoor cam the moment it came out and love the prodcut with two exceptions. The first is when the camera switches on the nightvision it makes such a loud click it sounds like soemone is snapping their fingers every time. I cant find much about this issue online and am curious if I am the only one that has the issue or maybe have a defective product. I shut off nightvision and motion recroding because its inside my house and I dont want it recording every move I make in my home and it still makes this noise at night.

The second issue is the abilty to tell the camrea to only record when I arm my ring home aalrm. I dont like that I have to shut off the record with motion featutre all togther to make sure it isnt recording when I am home.


Thank you for your feedback, @mrrogers . We’ll be sure to send this over to the team. In regards to your Indoor Cam and Alarm have you seen this support article ? Also, be on the look out for Modes in the near future :slight_smile:

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The clicking you are hearing is likely the IR Cut Filter. This is a physical filter that moves into place and allows enhanced night vision. I will try and remember to experiment with my indoor camera to see, but I bet that is the noise you are hearing. I have had many brands of cameras with cut filters (which provide the best low light vision) and this is how they work.

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I am sorry I thought it was only my indoor cam the infra red light stays on and it makes that clicking noise also.

I have the same issue have you resolved this? Sounds like someone or something is listening in

I bought the indoor camera and when I activate live mode the camera makes a cracking noice?


I seem to experience the same or similar thing.

Last night I connected via iPad and via iPhone, room is pitch dark, IR enabled.

While connected with the iPhone, no issues at all, no loud clicking sounds.

While connected with the iPad, the loud clicking occurs, very regular, very annoying.

Cats are not happy with it.



When is Ring going to bother attempting to resolve or even respond to this problem? It seems that no one gives a hoot. If we’re not able to utilize the Live view feature without setting off a jarring clicking / ticking noise in our room, it renders the feature pretty much useless. I’ve also had this clicking noise issue wake my 3 month old up from her needed daytime nap, on more than one occassion. Is there a solution to this problem, or is Ring’s response simply “tough luck, don’t use the feature if you don’t like it”?


I have stickup cams in every room and I’ve never heard anything. Can you record a short video with the sound? Does this happen with use on different devices and or Android, iPhone?

Thanks a lot for checking in. The strange thing is, it doesn’t occur all the time someone is activating the Live view, only sometimes. I will definitely follow up with a video once we catch it happening again.

We have 1 wired stick up camera, and 3 battery stick up cams in our house. When my wife is away at work, and accesses Live view on a camera, that particular camera will (sometimes) make the clicking noise. This is happened when viewing the living room camera (wired), and the bedroom camera (battery, mounted on wall). So it’s not like the issue is related to a single camera that happens to be defective.

Also strangely is the fact that it happens during the day mostly. When we tried to recreate the problem at home in the evening, we couldn’t get it to happen. The living room is well lit in the evening with lights, so I’m wondering if this somehow relating to the infared/nightvision hardware that might be activating during a gloomy/cloudy daytime setting.

It’s either the night vision or possibly the intercom/speaker. My cams are all wired. I use an Android phone as well. Like I stated, I never hear anything. Im home now and tried to make it happen and couldn’t. If you get the sound we may be able to figure it out.

Hey @DeepK! If there is only one click occurring, this is nothing to be concerned about as it could be due to the Camera lens activating or adjusting with IR. As @Eagle328 mentioned, a video example will help us with getting you the best advice. I recommend also checking the area for any appliances or electronics that might cause any sounds like this, or even interference in audio.

We’ll keep an eye out for your updates! :slight_smile:

Thank you @marley_ring and @eagle328. I’ve uploaded the video of what’s occurring. You can hear the random, annoying clicking noises, that begin to happen when Live View is activated and ends when the viewer stops their Live Viewing session.

I don’t think it’s related to the infared hardware, because it’s clicking multiple times, randomly, whenever Live View is activated/occurring.

It’s not audio interference, because the viewer of the Live Video has the mute option enabled on their app while they are watching. This has been checked and verified multiple times.

It’s not related to a defective camera, because it’s occurring separately on both a wired stick-up camera and the battery stick-up camera, which were bought from separate vendors (the Ring website and Costco, respectively).

Not sure what is going on here…

Wow, that would drive me crazy. That’s loud. Can it be felt if you touch the camera? It really sounds like a speaker getting some kind of interference. Like a popping sound. I’ll look into it and see if I can find anything that could cause this when I’m working overtime tomorrow night for 12 hours. I’ll have plenty of time to research it.


I did a search and couldn’t find any answer as to why that is happening. My guess is that the cam is defective. Have you tried plugging it in on another circuit in the house? That was the only thing that was mentioned but no one ever responded that it worked or not. Wish I had more to help with…

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@DeepK Thanks for providing this video! It definitely does seem to be a possible speaker or interference concern with the device. If you can, please do as @Eagle328 recommended to see if that helps with the clicking noise, and if not, please reach out to our support team here. You can even email a URL link to this Youtube video you created to before hand, so you can reference this video to the agent you speak to when you call or chat in.

Thank you @Eagle328 and others for looking into the issue. I apologize for the delayed response/update on my part but just wanted to let you all know that the issue has strangely resolved! No complaints here and not seeking explanation, just glad it’s working. I’m assuming it may have had something to do with the IR clicking feature warming up (the hardware), and now there is no noise when live-viewing in. Thanks again to everyone for sparing their time to troubleshoot the issue.

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@DeepK This is fantastic news! Glad all is working well again for you. :smiley_cat:

Hi Everyone,

I own 2 plug in Stick up Cams and I also have noticed that the clicking noise only happens at night in a dark room when I toss in bed. The clicking noise coinsides with seeing the infared light come on (click) and off (click again). I am a light sleeper as is and find this very annoying as the noise only comes when I move, which is often.

My situation is not related to the You Tube video sent in as it was obviously in a bright room. can some please update me if anything is being done about this? Please.

One of my 2 indoor cameras has started clicking randomly. I only notice it at night with the TV on, upon muting the TV to try and find the noise it won’t make the noise. Took quite a while to figure out that it is indeed the camera. Unplugged it last night and confirmed the noise stopped. Very annoying. Didn’t notice this noise at all during the first few months, but has been pretty constant the last 3-4 weeks .

I hope there’s a way to make it stop or I can’t use this annoying thing.