indoor cam and windows app

hello all, recently added 2 indoor cams but i dont see them show up in the windows 10 desktop app (see all cams fine from teh phone app) anyone have same experience? aside from that the new indoor cams have been fantastic

I am facing the same issue. Are there plans to correct this?

facing same issue!!! @ring_support any update on this?

Same problem here, add 2 indoor cams and I’m only able to wath them on the android app

Windows app only show old cameras

Hi neighbors! Another neighbor asked this the other day – see this thread for my response. Indoor Cam will soon be available on Mac/Windows desktop app. I’ll certainly keep you posted once it becomes available. Thank you for your patience! Also, be sure to use the search bar before posting to see if another neighbor has asked the same question :slight_smile:

HI neighbors! A new app should be available for Windows with the ability to view your Indoor Cam. Please let us know of any questions you may have. Thanks!

Just updated my windows 10 app in windows store, and now shows stick up cam as well as doorbell. Thanks . :smileyvery-happy: