Indoor Cam and Away mode

I would like for indoor cam to automatically record when alarm sounds. This is without being forced to turn on live view whenever I leave my home. Camera needs to be a mode choice just like motion detector is. Is this possible?

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You can link the cameras to record and lights to turn on if the alarm sounds.
In settings go to device, alarm base, the base station, linked devices.

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I would prefer it only record when alarm is armed. Is that possible?

Hey @Cliff1. In the near future for you, this will be very possible. We have a new feature that we are slowly rolling out to our neighbors called Modes. Modes will achieve exactly what you are looking for, so please check out our Ring Help Center Article here to read more about this in the meantime. Make sure you have your app always up to date and you should have this feature shortly.


I still have not got the update for my indoor stickup camera. Whan is it coming. It is a pain to have to go into the app to turn off the indoor stickup camera. It will be helpful for the camera to turn off when the alarm is disarmed.

When is this feature coming? I want to buy another in the indoor camera but will not buy on until this feature comes out.

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I have the feature now. Just link to your system. Set camera to off. It will come on and start recording when alarm is activated.