Increasing RSSI

Since getting my ring 2 doorbell I’ve been struggling to get an rssi above 50. I’ve moved routers, and even purchased new ones to test but nothing. I currently have a mesh system with nodes very close to the doorbell but, roughly 10-12’ away, and only at 44. It feels like nothing short of having it connected right to a router, which I don’t think you can, it won’t get better and live feeds will always be delayed or struggle to connect at all.
If anyone has suggestions please let me know.


Hey @Fkring2, happy to chime in and offer some helpful suggestions here. To clarify, the lower your RSSI is, the better your Ring’s internet connection is. I’d recommend reviewing our Community post on RSSI and how it works here. If you’re having any concerns with connecting to the Live View, then you’ll want to take a look at our Community post on that specifically here. There are different reasons why the Live View may not connect or can take longer to load, and that post will help you pinpoint and resolve the cause. :slight_smile: