Increase quality on ring pro

Hi, how can I improve my ring pro quality at night? It looks horrible my wifi speed is at 56mbps and RSSI is at 35 as you can see it looks very bad.

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Mine seems to drop quality (resolution) at night. I’ve had three ring pros and they all do it, despite having excellent connection and bandwidth.

I did manage to get support to force 1080p on my first unit, which did make it crisp, but also made the image over exposed. They replaced that unit because of that (setting it back to auto didn’t help). So right now I’m afraid to ask for them to force the option again, perhaps you will have more luck though.

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Hi there, @gonzalo90arg! The wifi resources definitely look to be sufficient for optimal operation. I always recommend connecting the Doorbell Pro to your 2.4 Ghz network, rather than the 5Ghz. Depending on the environment, the Color Night Vision feature may be better for image quality. It’s best to test the difference with this feature enabled and disabled to see which will work best for the area. While the Doorbell is focusing on providing a legible image in a low light setting, we’ve seen neighbors share success with adding light to the area. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: