Increase Motion Zone Range?


We have a stick cam battery camera.

We had some amazon packages stolen from our front door step today.

Sadly I was able to warn him off before he stole them as the motion zone range is rather poor - can it be extended?

Thanks for reading!

Hey @cheesenugget. The blue arc that you are seeing is just a visual arc on the Ring app under the Motion Zone settings is not adjustable, as it not the thing you need to worry about. On step two, that Min-Max slider is going to be how sensitive your camera is. Normally, when you want to ensure you are getting as many motion events recorded as possible, you will want to be it toward the Max side of the slider on the second step there.

Please note too that placement is a big thing here, and from the picture, you may want to point the camera a bit more down" to capture your full porch. In addition, you can see if you can move it further away so that it captures more of your front porch. Lastly, I recommend changing your Motion Frequency to Frequent to ensure all motion is captured. Let me know if making these changes helps out! :slight_smile: