Incorrect Address

Help - I’ve just installed my new device and when inputting the address it only gives me an option for a similar address in Scotland. It doesn’t let me manually change it. Any suggestions for how I can get it corrected? TIA

Hey @S4WTY! I’ve moved your post to our App board so more neighbors can see it and make suggestions on how to resolve this. To start, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your mobile device.

Depending on your mobile device model, you may be able to manually disable location permissions for the Ring app in your phone settings. This might allow you to manually enter the address without a location auto-populating. Try starting a new setup, and manually entering the address during the setup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply.

So far I have deleted the app, reinstalled the app and created a new about, tried with location on and off and WiFi and then data. I have checked my address is input correctly in Google maps and tried manually editing it, but no joy.

I spent over an hour on chat yesterday to ring and they couldn’t help either ?

But if anyone else has any ideas I’m open to try.

Thanks for this information, @S4WTY ! Can you try starting with a single character and then selecting ‘enter the address mannually’? I have attached a photo!


I have the same problem as @S4WTY. I’ve also tried the method below but it doesn’t pick up the correct address, it still recommends the similar (yet incorrect) address. Any help would be appreciated.

I had to manually add my address because my community is somewhat new. But in the last few months it’s been added to Google Maps. My location shows about 4 miles south of where I actually live. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled the app, deleted and added a new location, it just doesn’t know my address. I also spoke with support and they told me to wait until the maps were updated but had no idea when they would be.

Hey neighbors! While it’s best to have accurate information in the app, including location information, if you are not Professionally Monitored with our Alarm system, you may select a nearest address. A new development may not have been added to public records, but in many cases an office or a range of addresses in that area is. If you are only using our Camera/ Doorbell/ Lighting devices, a nearby location will suffice for time zone, settings, and Neighbors app reasons.

If you are using Alarm and using Professional Monitoring, your location information must be precise. When setting up Professional Monitoring, there will be additional steps to further confirm locations. In the case your location is still not appearing as available, I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m also having the same issue, entering my door number and street name I see my address auto populate when I select it I’m given an address 150 miles away.

Contacted support 3 weeks ago still nothing, I have an alarm and items I purchased being sent to the wrong address!

Sort this out Ring! :rage: