Inconsistent reply to lock/unlock Z-Wave Schlage FE 599 NX

My Schlage FE599 NX ZWave door always takes 2-4 requests from the Ring app to wake up and lock/unlock. Have installed brand new batteries, removed the device, etc. Ring Community users report similar issue. It appears to be a Z-Wave communication/timing issue between the Ring app and Schlage FE 599 NX. Is there any firmware/app update to address this issue?

Hi @User53450. I’d recommend checking the manual for the smart lock to see if there are any settings that could be affecting its responsiveness. Otherwise I’d recommend fully resetting the lock and adding it back into the Ring app to clear up any connection issues. If this issue persists, I’d recommend following up with our support team to take a closer look. Make sure you request to speak with the Alarm team specifically since this is a Z-Wave device that connects to the Ring Alarm.

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