Inconsistent notifications

Recently upgraded from a Samsung S8 to a S21. Since then, notifications have been inconsistent, and that’s being generous.
I have 6 flood light cameras - one doorbell. If I get 10 Ring notifications a day, 8 give no audible notification nor popup on the phone/watch. Of the two notifications I get, one is delayed 20-30 minutes. (No exaggeration) Rarely, I see a still from the camera on the watch. All cameras are hard-wired.
I get all notifications from apps/devices on time - audible and visual.
Suggestions please.

Few things to check. Is android fully up to date? Do you have the latest version of the ring app? Is this only happening when your S21 is connected via wifi or does it happen when you are out and about over 4G etc?

Android/Ring up to date. Having the problem whether at home (wifi) or out, although I can’t guarantee I’m on wifi when I’m home. I’ll check