Inconsistent/nonexistent tones

I have 8 outdoor security lights/cams. 6 work perfectly. 2, not so much.
I have all 8 are set with Ring-Sonar as the tone. 2 of them will give no tone a half of the time. About a third of the reminder I get the “Door Unlock Notification” tone. Only for the remainder do I get Sonar. I’ve checked all 8 cameras a LOT. All are set to Sonar. Even when the tone is silent, the camera picks up and records motion.
How do I get the cameras to provide a tone? How do I get the cameras to provide the correct tone?

Hi @requiredusername. Are these tones playing from a cell phone or a Ring Chime? If a cell phone, what type of phone is it, and what version of the Ring app is installed? Also, what specific model camera is having the issue? Thank you for this information.

Tone comes fro my cell - samsung S21.
Ring app v 3.72.0. Google Play shows I’m up to date.
Model 8SF1P7
FWIW, uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t help. Rebooting my phone and/or Hub doesn’t help.

Hi @requiredusername. Apologies for any confusion, but what is the model name of the Ring device? The device name should be present on the Device Health screen. I know in your first post you mentioned security lights/cams, so it’s good to know exactly which devices we’re working with. You also mention a “Door Unlock Notification” - what device is this from?

When you say you have rebooted the Hub, are you referring to your wifi router? Ring Security Cameras connect directly to your wifi router. If we’re working with Ring Smart Lighting, then you probably have a Ring Bridge. Thanks in advance for confirming this information so I can understand the whole setup.